Kill Mode


Director: Thijs Meuwese Actors: Dave Mantel , Julia Batelaan , Yasmin Blake , Cyriel Guds , Ted Neeley , Manouk Van Der Meulen , Rein Van Duivenboden , Wes Mutsaars , Andre Dongelmans , Burt Rutteman , Geoffrey Thompson , Kris Patmo , Cheraine Balje , Shilton Chelius , Daan Colijn Genres: Action | Sci-Fi Country: Release Year: 2019 Duration: Synopsis: It is the year 2027, eight years after the first outbreak of The Sickness, a highly contagious, adaptive and lethal virus. The world is now run by a pharmaceutical corporation called The Company, which distributes a treatment for the virus but charges a high price for it, putting the majority of people in a state of poverty and dependence. David Oscar is done fighting. He has lost all hope and hides in a small illegal clinic. David is a former member of The Flux, a rebel movement depicted as a t  …