Seven Below


Director: Kevin Carraway Actors: Tia Sage, Luke Goss, Brianna Lee Johnson, Matt Barr, Jennifer Trier, Rebecca Da Costa, Kaleigh Howland, Silvio Wolf Busch Genres: Thriller, Horror Country: USA Release Year: 2012 Duration: 90 min Synopsis: Storyline: This movie is about a group of people who are on the way to a resort in a van when all of a sudden they crash as a result of a mysterious woman on the road. They are helped by a local named Jack (Ving Rhames) and taken to his house before a storm sets in. 100 years ago there was a family killed in the same house. After they get there, Bill McCormick (Val Kilmer) dies mysteriously and they all start seeing things that can only be described as ghosts. Then things take a turn for the worst…